“Dear Father, You made me for blessed duties. You gave me the desire to always adapt and develop in my ability to love You and my neighbours. Help me to make progress on my targets each day and not to dwell on the conclusion that you may bring out of that obedience. Lord, please remind me often that your conclusions of every matter will always bear fruit even though the conclusion may be different than I am expecting.

“God, thank you that you are the one who can change me. Lord thank you that I do not have to change myself. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for dying so that we could have a life. Help us not to judge others for their sin, but to treat them with love and humility. Help us come to you just as we are: broken, flawed, but fully alive and revived by the power of your blood on the cross.

“Lord, please pardon me for the times we have said and done things without foresight. Father, please remind us to consider self-control as “God-control”. It is not simply trying to control ourselves with human effort. But it is instead depending on the Holy Spirit to guide my way and choices.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, You overcame Satan in his attempts to tempt you to show Your power with a spirit of self-control. Now I call upon Your blessed Name. I ask You to bless me with the same virtue, which is very much needed in most aspects of my life. Lord, I seek Your assistance and guidance. May Your Holy Spirit fill me with power, as I come in prayer and raise my petitions before You. Through Christ our Lord. AMEN.