5 Reasons to Have a Miraculous Medal

You’ve probably seen a Miraculous Medal before. The symbol, Mary the Virgin Mother on one side and an M with a cross through it surrounded by stars on the other side, is commonly worn as a necklace. It’s also incorporated into many rosaries.

While these medals aren’t supposed to be the good-luck charm that many well-meaning but misinformed people take them to be, there are some good reasons to wear one if you don’t already.

1. They Show Faith
Far from being a good-luck charm, Miraculous Medals show faith in God to solve our problems. Just like prayer isn’t an act of helplessness but one of faith, wearing a Miraculous Medals are based on the belief that God is watching out for us and knows our needs.

2. They Show Dedication to Mary and Jesus

The front of the Miraculous Medal shows Mary and bears the inscription “O Mary, Conceived without Sin, Pray for us who have recourse to thee.” However, the reverse side shows an “M” the symbol for Mary, interwoven with a cross, a symbol for Jesus. This symbol is above the images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Just like all Catholic devotion to Mary, the significance of the Miraculous Medal comes from Mary’s connection to Jesus.

3. They Show Dedication to the Church

The reverse side of the Miraculous Medal also shows twelve stars. The number twelve has a number of different meanings in the Catholic Church. In the Old Testament it symbolized the tribes of Israel and in the New Testament it symbolizes the apostles. In both cases, it symbolizes the universal Church.

As a result, a Miraculous Medal doesn’t just show dedication to Mary and Jesus, it shows dedication to the Church that shares faith in them.

4. They Show Membership in the Church

On a related note, while all of the Christian churches believe in the divinity of Jesus, only the Catholic Church pays Mary the respect due to the Mother of God. As a result, wearing a Marian devotional network is a way to let others know that you are a proud Catholic.

5. They Show Support for the Downtrodden

This article wouldn’t be complete without at least a brief discussion of the history of the Miraculous Medal. The miraculous medal was revealed in 1830 to St. Catherine Labouré, a nun living in Paris.

At the time, Paris was plagued with poverty as well as a common destination for refugees. The Napoleonic wars had only recently ended and France was still reeling with economic and political problems. The Miraculous Medal was Mary’s way of giving the French people hope.

While the Miraculous Medal is now a global symbol, it’s origin is forever tied as a promise to those undergoing life’s most difficult challenges.

Incidentally, Mary’s Husband St. Joseph is the patron saint of immigrants, as well as of the Universal Church.

Are You Wearing One Yet?