This Marian Prayer Could Bring Tears to Your Eyes

A new prayer for the Virgin Mary has gone viral and thanks to her “for being a mother who will never leave” us.
This Marian prayer has been written and it will move you to tears. A book by Father Jose Kentenich in his work, Ninos ante Dios, [Children Before God], contains a new Marian prayer. We wanted to share this prayer with you, so you too can thank Mary for her presence in your life.

Here is the incredible new Marian prayer:
“Dear Mother, I surrender to you all that I am and have. I am called to give you my life. It doesn’t matter that I am broken. It doesn’t matter that I am wounded. My wound becomes a fissure that opens me. I don’t want to close the wound. I don’t want to seal the fissure. Thank you, Mother, for loving me. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for walking at my side every step of the way. Thank you for being a mother who will never leave me in times of difficulty. Thank you for being my Mother.”

Fr. Jose Kentenich wrote the prayer as a reminder that he should not worry, “Mother will take care of it.” This is true. Our Mother in heaven takes care of us and she never leaves us. Moreover, She did not leave Christ even when he was being crucified. She will not leave us, no matter what happens in our lives.

Even when we face trouble, we need only to remember that Our Lady is with us. It will help relieve our worries. Let us recite this Marian prayer often. Let us take a moment to thank Our Mother. Amen.