This Indian Man Who Stood believing in Jesus Even In The Face of Death

We are reminded that we have three cardinal hindrances to following Jesus which are
1. Material comfort
2. A job or an occupation
3. Family and friends
Many of those problems many of our problems and challenges facing us arises from these three cardinal hindrances In the mist of the problems of our life many Christians are looking back other have returned to the world some are now customers to dark and demonic powers

Today we cry God for grace to remain state fast not to despair in this travel night in this turbulent times.
A story was told of Nokseng a man from Guru tribe of Assam (now Meghalaya and some Assam) India about 150 years ago there was a great revival in wales as a result of that many missionaries came to north east India to spread the gospel.
The region known as Assam was comprised of hundreds of tribe who were primitive and aggressive head hunters. Into these hostile and aggressive communities came a group of missionaries from the American Baptist missions, spreading the mission of love peace and hope in Jesus Christ.

Naturally they were not welcomed. One missionary succeed in converting a man, his wife and two children the man’s faith provide contagious and many villages began to accept Christianity. Angry the village chief summoned all the villages he then called the family who had first converted to renounce their faith in public or face execution moved by the Holy Spirit the man said “I have decided to follow Jesus” and rage at the refusal all of the man the chief ordered his archers to arrow down the two children as both boys laid twitching on the floor the chief asked, will you deny your faith you have lost you both your children you will lose your wife too but the man replied though no one joins me still I will follow
The chief out of anger order his wife to be arrowed down In a moment she joined her two children in death. Now he asked for the last time I will give you one more opportunity to deny your faith and live In the face of death the man said these final memorable lines
“the cross before me the world behind me no turning back”

Let us Prayer;

Lord Jesus help me to grow in the awareness that you are really my sustenance and nobody else. help me to be continuously increase in the recognition that only you can make me become somebody in life. help me to rest in your strength as I realize that I am weak in my flesh. I pray that I may solely and wholly committed to my walk with you all the days of my life. I pray that I may not turn away from the path of righteousness for your namesake. I pray that my reliance in you may grow deeper today and that my assurance in you may grew wider. I pray that my faith in you may grow stronger and my zeal for you may group bigger. I pray that I may continue to rely on your wisdom and I will no longer lean on my own understanding. I pray that I may yield to your instructions at all times and make you first in all that I do