Will the devil ever stop?

While it is true that the Devil never stops, that should not discourage us. Does Heaven stop trying to help us? Not only God, but all of the angels and all of the saints. Not only is God more powerful than all of the demons trying to destroy us, but there are twice as many angels than demons, since one third of the angels went with Satan, leaving two thirds.

Let us not forget about all of the saints besides. They have lived this life and know the hardships, much like Our Lord. The saints are pulling for us. Brothers and sisters encouraging us by their examples and waiting to assistance if we but ask them. With all of Heaven looking to help us, why should we be discouraged by the Devil’s attacks?

Of course the Devil is going to attack. You are, after all, the image and likeness of God. God became man in order to die for us and save us from our sins, out of love for us. If the Devil hates God, he will surely hate you. As Jesus says, “but take courage, I have conquered the world.” [John 16:33] We have nothing to fear if we love Jesus.

Mary, the Devil despises you and your motherly protection toward us. Keep us safe from the Devil’s attacks and encourage us in the Rosary everyday as we draw closer to you and your Son, Who gained for us salvation. Amen.