Men ought to surrender to God always, to offer your servant hood to God.

If you were to build a tower you would hopefully be prudent enough to plan ahead, making sure you had enough resources for its completion.  So it is with the spiritual life.  It is essential that we make sure we have all the resources we need to make the choice to follow God

Becoming a disciple of Christ is not something we can do half-heartedly or even try to. When we choose to follow Christ, it must be wholehearted. For God gave Himself whole when he came to save us, it’s an example we should understand you cannot serve God and flesh.

Otherwise, we will never be able to accomplish all that our Lord asks of us.  But this demand on the part of our Lord is completely for our own good.  We need to give Him everything if we want to gain salvation.

Everything outside of God brings sorrow and destruction of both body and soul.

Let us Reflect, today, upon how ready and willing you are to give every last part of your life to Christ.



I surrender to God’s tender care for my body,

 my mind, my soul, and my whole life by

relinquishing worry over things I cannot control.

“Because with the Lord there is mercy and fullness

 of redemption, Israel indeed he will redeem

 from all its iniquity.” —Psalm 130:7.

I surrender to God’s timing in bringing all souls

 to himself, and release myself from impatience

and the false desire to be anything outside of Christ.