Praise and worship to the Lord is another form of prayer, we will experience victory in our battles. God inhabits the praises of His people. When we praise and worship Him, His presence will descend among us and the presence of God will fill every situation that we are facing and we will experience certain victory in all our battles.

In the bible

2 CHRONICLES 20:1-24

When Jehoshaphat was a facing a great battle he proclaimed a fast and sought the Lord with all his people. The Lord heard their cry and promised them victory. Then Jehoshaphat sent singers and worshippers ahead of his army.

 As they praised and worshipped the Lord, the Lord caused the enemies to fight each other and destroy themselves. When we praise and worship the Lord in times of battle, the Lord will cause confusion in the camp of the enemy and make them destroy themselves. The Lord will grant us a glorious victory.


We see the power of praise and worship breaking both physical and spiritual chains a lot in scriptures. Even in the new testament, when Paul and Silas where imprisoned but their praise and worship brought them liberty Acts 16: 25-26.

 When you worship the Lord you will receive:

1. Victory
2. Breakthrough
3. Freedom
4. Deliverance
5. Healing