Father God, I thank you for the redemption, which I have in Christ JESUS. Christ, the Anointed One, has redeemed me with His Anointed BLOOD from the curse of the law, from the curse of sin, poverty, wretchedness and spiritual death. I plead the BLOOD of JESUS against poverty and wretchedness.

Creator God,

you loved the world into life.

Forgive us when our dreams of the future

are shaped by anything other than glimpses of a kingdom

of justice, peace and an end to poverty.


Incarnate God,

you taught us to speak out for what is right.

Make us content with nothing less than a world

that is transformed into the shape of love,

where poverty shall be no more.


Breath of God,

let there be abundant life.

Inspire us with the vision of poverty over,

and give us the faith, courage and will to make it happen.