There are so many wonderful ways you can engage your spirit in preparation for each Mass or just to be closer with God. But be aware it is totally open for you and how you like to connect with God.


This could include meditation or mental prayer, worship, reading Scripture, just praying and pondering whatever makes your spirit feel whole.


Simple things to help you be consistent with your spiritually life and get closer to Jesus:


  1. Use each Sunday’s readings during your prayer time during the week. This way you are familiar with the Gospel message, the Psalm, and the Gospel Acclamation before Mass.


  1. Set a particular time you will like to spend time with God fix an alarm to remind you each day and try to be consistent.


  1. Ask God to give you a desire to know him more!


  1. Seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit as a prompter in your life while physically preparing.


  1. Don’t get discouraged if you skipped a day, pick up where you left off. Don’t let the devil make you feel lost, you’re still on track.


  1. Set a quiet place in your house, with your Sunday missile, hymns or the apps if there’re on your phone. So you can always be prepared for alone time with Jesus.