God is not biased or partial he is a just God. There are many great woman in the bible whom God has used such as;

Esther a great woman whom God blessed and gave favour in the site of the king. God used her in freeing his people from the evil hands of Herman who planned to kill the Hebrews because of his hatred towards Mordecai

Deborah one of the judges of Isreal was known for her wisdom and courage, she was a prophetess who heard from God and God did mighty things through her for His people.

Judith the widow of Manessah who cry and plea to God for Isreal, God was with her throughout her plan to behead Holofernes the chief commander of the army of king Nebuchadnezzar at their camp near Bethulia in the valley. Where the camped to destroy God’s people.

Sarah the wife of Abraham and mother of all nations. Through her God kept his promise to Abraham by making him the father of all nations. He blessed her at her old age.

Mary the Mother of Jesus, a simple virgin found worthy by God and graced with the honour of giving birth to the king of the Earth. The saviour of the world our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ruth, Martha, Mary Magdalene and so many others, who found favour in the site of God.

A woman is a precious gem in the sight of God, it is through women does God multiply Nations, build a home and keep it. Therefore God does not hate Woman, he loves us all equally and have great plans for each and everyone of us