6 Easy Ways to Make Decision in God’s Consent

Sometimes when we are given opportunities, there is a clear answer, but sometimes the answer seems a little murkier. In those situations where we’re just not sure, not making those decisions can paralyze us. We either make no decision, or we might make a quick decision we later regret.

In today’s video, I want to consider six questions to help determine if an opportunity is one that God may be directing us to take.

1. What does the Bible say? God will never contradict what he has said in the Bible, so it is best to start there. There are so many great, clear commands in the Bible.

2. What does the Holy Spirit say? Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit as a guide in our conscience. It can provide another layer to help us make those decisions.

3. What does common sense say? Does the opportunity fit in with your current gifts and calling? Do you keep thinking about it? Does it keep coming up? These could be good indications that make your common sense say, “Maybe I should take this opportunity.”

4. What do other godly people say? Ask some of your fellow believers for advice. God can help clarify our own thoughts when we talk to other Christians. Put the opportunity before them and see what they say!

5. What do your circumstances say? Does it fit in with your current season of life? Does it work with your family situation?

6. Are you letting fear colour your decision? We let fear guide our decisions all the time – more than God would want us to.