3 Incredible Miracles of The Rosary

Freedom For Brazil
The message of Our Lady of Fatima also played a huge role in another miracle associated with the Rosary. In the early 1960s, Brazil’s president, Joao Goulart, was preparing to spread Communism throughout the country. It seemed inevitable that Communist rule would soon take over the country, as had happened to Cuba. But not everyone was willing to lose their freedom and succumb to likely defeat. Cardinal de Barros Camara told the people of Brazil that they could overthrow the threat by heeding the instructions of Our Lady of Fatima to pray and do penance.
Shortly after, Dona Amelia Bastos, a 59-year-old former schoolteacher and wife of a retired army doctor, gathered about 30 female friends and neighbours to form the first chapter of CAMDE (Campaign of Women for Democracy), a group that spread its message of peacefully fighting a Communist takeover to hundreds of thousands of women throughout the country. Many of them took part in Rosary rallies. One Sao Paulo rally was called the “March of the Family with God Toward Freedom.” It included more than 600,000 women carrying prayer books and rosaries as they marched with anti-communist banners, and it and other Rosary rallies played a central role in eventually overthrowing President Goulart and thwarting a Communist takeover with amazingly little military action needed.
In gratitude to God, the women of Brazil held an even larger march the day after they had succeeded in preserving their freedom. The march, which was called “March of Thanksgiving to God,” included more than one million people.

The Healing of The Rosary Priest
Praying the Rosary led to healing for Servant of God Fr. Patrick Peyton, who became known as the Rosary Priest. In 1938, after he had immigrated to the United States from Ireland but before he was ordained, he became very ill and was diagnosed with advanced Tuberculosis, which was incurable at the time. After his sister suggested that he pray to Blessed Mother for her intercession, he consecrated himself to Mary and began devoutly praying the Rosary. To the astonishment of his doctors, he was completely and miraculously cured, and he promised Blessed Mother that he would spend his life promoting the Rosary.
The popular priest, who coined the phrase “the family that prays together stays together,” encouraged many to pray the Rosary. He was one of the pioneering television evangelists who used the medium to further God’s Kingdom. In 1992, he passed away peacefully with a rosary in his hands, and he’s now being considered for sainthood.

Safety From Nuclear Blast in Hiroshima
In 1945, during WWII, eight Jesuit priests were living in a parish house less than one mile from where the atomic bomb was dropped on the town of Hiroshima in Japan. While the church next to the parish house was completely destroyed and thousands of people were killed and thousands of people suffered tremendously from radiation exposure, the house remained standing and the eight missionary priests miraculously survived. It was also miraculous and inexplicable that none of the eight Jesuits suffered from radiation exposure.
In the years following the blast, they were examined many times, and they lived for many years after it. When the priests were interviewed, they repeatedly said why they believed they survived and why they had not suffered from radiation exposure as was expected. They attributed their survival to the fact that they were living the message of Fatima. They said that they had prayed the Rosary faithfully in that house every day.

What a gentle, sweet way to show our gratitude. Whether we receive graces as extraordinary as the ones mentioned in these seven miracles or we receive personal graces that improve our lives, praying the Rosary enriches our souls by bringing us closer to Jesus. And in our chaotic world, that’s the miracle that we need most of all.