Why is it important to pray at 3 a.m. in the morning?

Why is it important to pray at 3 a.m. in the morning?

The First View why people pray 3Am in the Morning – God’s Revealed secret to his Children

Years ago an angel told me 3 am was the best time to pray, saying that at that time God is most open to changing his complete and perfect plan, if asked really super nicely.

He didn’t tell me the reason why but I’m sure it’s a brilliant one.

But after having really poor results for several weeks, seemingly no different than had I not prayed at all, I began to pray for God to send that angel back to me for some more advice.

The angel showed up and then told me I had to do it at 3 am Jerusalem time! That’s 8 hours ahead of me here in CA, which was awesome news because 11 am is SO much more convenient.

And it makes sense: Jerusalem is His fave.

But my results were no different. I was pissed. It seemed to me that it should have been so simple – Jesus said in John 14 that God would me give anything I asked (especially if it was at 3 am Jerusalem time, apparently).

But after a few more weeks of shitty results the Holy Spirit then whispered to me a reminder: “You must ask the Father in his Son’s name.”

I said, “Wait, if the Son and Father are One, isn’t that just the Father’s other name? What’s the big diff?”

“Yes, but he’s less interested in giving you anything you ask if you ask Him in another name. Jesus is His favorite name. Also, you have to say it precisely in the language, accent, and cadence that He does. Or He’ll ignore you.”

Well, I’ve been experimenting and playing around with getting the name pronunciation just right for the last 5 years or so. It’s really hard – I’ve no way to know HOW God as Jesus said His name. Was his voice high-pitched? Did he have a lisp or other speech impediment? Was He a loud or soft-talker? Did he really hit the consonants hard? There are a myriad of options.

The angel and Holy Spirit have been strangely silent when asked for feedback on whether I’m on the right track, unfortunately.

So I’ve created an app that keeps track of every single enunciation option I’ve tried and it has a list of different combinations of options for me to try in the future. It even pings me at 10:59 am to get me ready to try again. I’ve only 23,389,871,054 left to go!

But I’ve come to have faith that this is a demonstration of His love for Me and a test to prove my worshipful intent.

How supremely blessed I am to have this much attention paid to me, as I’m certainly not worthy of it. God is so good.

I’m supremely certain that the moment when I’ve made the subtle phonetic adjustments and precisely say Jesus’ name in the exact right way that He requires at 3 am Jerusalem time, God will then give me everything I ask.

Because the Bible, then an angel, and then the Holy Spirit told me so!

The Second Person view why i pray at 3AM in the morning – Gods Special Time

Its important to pray at ALL times.

BUT Yes, 3 am is a very special time to worship God.

I will try to explain like this. Lets say you want to buy something. To purchase it first you need to pay money.

When you pray to God, you are talking with the Creator of Universe, The Great I AM. Same way, it’s fitting that you make a sacrifice for Him when you come to His presence. You have to do something that you wouldn’t normally do to show Him that you are SERIOUS about Him. By waking up at 3 am to pray shows that you value being in His presence more than your sleep. It shows love, devotion and commitment.

3 am is a time when the entire world is asleep. Even the spiritual realm is also quiet. During this time you can easily connect with the Spirit of God, and you can be confident that your worship will rise up like a sweet scent to His altar, without any hindrances from evil spirits.

Its a time when you are completely alone with God. You are able to hear His “still small voice” clearly.

prayer and worship at this time will make you grow in your spiritual life and go deeper into relationship with God. You will come to know Him more personally and deeply.

He loves it. Seriously. He will be waiting there to meet you, even before you wake up. Plus, you wont need an alarm clock. He will wake you with love. Its a beautiful experience.

The third person view why pray at 3 Am in the morning- the hour of Mercy Prayer

I have an aunt who does it, and I know some other people who do the same. They have this special devotion because, according to them, 3AM is the Devil’s time.

You see, since Christ died in sacrifice at 3PM on that Good Friday, and the Devil likes to twist everything God makes, he would choose the opposite time to make his misdeeds. So, some people would wake up at that time to pray, believing that it’s more necessary than other times, since the danger of an enthusiastic demon would be intensified.

Besides, they see it as a penance, a sacrifice they make to show God they love Him even at such an early hour. I find it cute, but I don’t think I could focus on prayer so early in the morning (or late in the night, depending on your perspective).

There’s also the perspective of the Passio Domini, that is, meditating the Passion of Christ. It’s done between Thursday night and Friday afternoon, meditating all the sufferings Christ went through since his agony to his death. Some people would be up all night praying and meditating about it.

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