What is the genealogy of Mary Mother of Jesus?

What is the genealogy of Mary Mother of Jesus?

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History of Mary, Mother of Jesus

The Gospels imply that Mary was of priestly descent. An early tradition says her parents dedicated her to service in the temple when she was three. Men from priestly families (cohanim) were encouraged marriage within their own ranks. If Joseph came from the line of David, and Mary came from the family of Aaron, there would have been a neat parallelism that Jesus the Messiah had both royal and priestly ancestors.

Roman Catholic tradition denies that Mary was the mother of Jesus’ brothers and sisters. While biblical Christians do and offer it as Protestant proof against the Catholic deification of an ever-virgin married woman.

However, Roman Catholic and Islamic tradition holds the doctrine of Mary’s perpetual virginity. This means that in their biblically unsubstantiated view she could not have had children after Jesus

Mary’s biblical origin

Mary was a direct descendant of King David. This gave Jesus the right to ascend the Jewish throne, both through Mary and through adoption by his foster father, Joseph. Thus, the genealogy of Christ in Luke is actually the genealogy of Mary. 

St. John of Damascus (c. 676-749) stated that Mary’s great-grandfather Panther was a brother of Mathat, her grandfather Barpanther was Heli’s cousin, and her father Joachim was a cousin of Joseph,  Heli’s levirate son.

Difference between the versions of Mary genealogy

“Joseph was clearly the son of Jacob (Matthew 1:16). so this verse [Luke 3:23 – says “son of Heli”] should be understood to mean “son-in-law of Heli.” Thus, the genealogy of Christ in Luke is actually the genealogy of Mary, while Matthew gives that of Joseph. The word “son” is not in the original. So it would be legitimate to supply either “son” or “son-in-law” in this context. Matthew and Luke clearly record much common material. It is certain that neither one could unknowingly incorporate such a flagrant apparent mistake as the wrong genealogy in his record. The two genealogies show that both parents were descendants of David. Joseph through Solomon (Matthew 1:7-15), thus inheriting the legal right to the throne of David. Mary through Nathan (Luke 3:23-31). Her line thus carrying the seed of David, since Solomon’s line had been refused the throne because of Jechoniah’s sin”.

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