Today’s Prayer and Saint for Monday 22nd April 2019

Today’s Prayer and Saint for Monday 22nd April 2019

St. Abdiesus

Image of St. Abdiesus


Feast day: April 22
Death: 342

Also called Hebed Jesus, a deacon in the Christian community of Persia who was caught up in the persecutions conducted by King Shapur II. Records indicate that Abdiesus was accompanied in his martyrdom by Abrosimus, Acepsimus, Azadanes, Azades, Bicor, Mareas, Milles, and a women named Tarbula. Some were Persian courtiers, others priests and bishops. Tarbula was the sister of St. Simeon, and suffered a particularly cruel death by sawing

Prayer for Eternal life with God

Heavenly Father,
in glorifying Jesus 
and sending us your Spirit, 
You open the way to eternal life. 
May my sharing in this Gift increase my love
and make my faith grow stronger. 
Send Your Spirit to cleanse my life 
so that the offering of myself to You at Mass 
may be pleasing to You. 
May my sharing in the Eucharist, 
our Bread of Life, 
bring me eternal life.

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St. Abdiesus
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