3 Most Powerful Prayer for the Catholic Faithful

3 Most Powerful Prayer for the Catholic Faithful

Every catholic faithful especially those that know their faith will tell you Catholics are deep rooted in prayers. According to the Most Read Book in the world,‘’The BiBle’’.

Jesus Says through Saint Paul in His word That we should:

‘’Pray at all time that Ye may overcome the Evil days or perilous time’’

Every thing the Catholics do is towards Prayer. Every gathering involves at least one of the three most fervent and powerful prayer in the World.

They are the simplest of all prayers though.

They Include the following:

  1. The Holy Mass
  2. The Rosary
  3. The Angelus

The Holy Mass

The holy Mass summarizes the meaning of the coming of Jesus to the world, Death. His death was to redeem Man from Sin and reconciliation of the world back to His Father in Heaven. The Holy sacrifice of the Mass reminds God that His Son died For the Sinful World on the Cross. However, the Mass in itself though is the repetition of the death of Christ on the Cross which involves Blood as in the actual crucifixion, the Mass is Bloodless. Notwithstanding, it carries the same efficacy of the death of Christ on the Cross.

The Holy Mass is the highest form of Prayer. Catholics know this and would love to participate in this sacrifice of the mass daily as perfunctory.

The Holy Rosary:

The holy rosary is the second highest form of prayer after the holy mass. The rosary is also the summary of the coming of Jesus when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary with greetings from God to the death and Resurrection of Jesus after Three days in the Grave.The Prayer taught by Jesus, ‘’Our Father’’ is recited in it. The Apostles Creed of proclaiming their faith In God is recited as well as the The Angel greetings to Mary. WOW!!!This is indeed reminding God that he should have Mercy through his Son’s Death on the world

The Angelus

The Angelus is an angelic prayer via Angel Gabriel to Mary. The prayer announces Mary to the World through the benevolence of God to redeem Mankind through a woman’s acceptance of the will of God…

“May it be done as you have said onto me… the same version of Let your will be done “

All the three prayers is reminding God That He Sent His Son to die for US and to redeem US on the Cross. This is believing on the One God Sent That is Son; Jesus Christ. Any one who believes is already Gods adopted Sons and Daughter.Pray these prayers daily and attend Mass as much as you can and God will definitely answer US. Amen

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