The Essence of Mary’s Birth

The Essence of Mary’s Birth

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Birth of Mary was Immaculate

Mary ”The New Daughter of God”

God is the creator of the heavens and the earth. Science tries to disapprove that, however, it still remains a fact that things came to be through unseen power. God gave his nature to Man in the garden of Eden. Man uses this Godly nature in him to name all things. In the Garden of Eden, Man lost that Godly Nature. The nature made Man to think and Acts like God. After man fell, God began to plan for Man’s rescue. Man fell through a woman, God planned a woman to save man.

New Eve and Old Eve

The devil beguiled the woman and she fell and caused the Man to Fall. Yes, God put enmity between the seed of the woman and the serpent. Adam name the woman ”Eve” because she is the mother of all living creature. Even though, man had fallen that honour was not taken away from her.

The New Eve is Mary. Mary, as the new Eve, became the mother of the world at the foot of the cross. The enmity between her seed and that of the serpent still exist. She brought forth Jesus, the Only begotten Son of God, Making her the Mother of God. God created Mary as a vessel to Carry the Saviour of the world.

Mary as a vessel was not corrupted as God.

 Birth of Mary was design by God

The church celebrates Mary’s immaculate Conception today all over the world. Mary was born like any other human on the face of the earth. However, the God of power was seen in the birth of Mary. Mary was born with the original Sin. This is because She cannot carry the Holy One in a corrupted Vessel. Also, Mary kept her self Holy even after the birth causing her to win the favour of her Creator.

In the Book of Luke 1: 28, ‘ An Angel came to a lady , her name was Mary and declare to her that she has won the favour of God. That She most not be afraid…

Essence of Mary’s Immaculate Conception

God has giving man free will to decide what to do. The same free will He gave to Eve and Adam in the Garden was the same He gave to Mary. God made Eve and Adam free of Sin yet they fall and Corrupted their vessel. God gave Mary that same opportunity. However, Mary kept her body pure and won God’s favour. Eve lost the favour of God was driven away from the garden.

Mary deserve the honour we give her and even more. The catena finishes what we are suppose to be doing to her.

Mary, The Immaculate Conception..  Pray for Us.  Amen

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