The Difference Between Catholic and Christian

The Difference Between Catholic and Christian

Many people find it confusing when they try to work out what differs Christians from Catholics.

Christianity is the core Abrahamic Religion that encapsulates the Catholic Church, Protestantism, the Eastern Orthodox Church, Lutheranism and Methodism, to name a few.


Christian literally means follower of Jesus Christ, so all followers of Jesus are Christians regardless of their particular faith.

We will be covering some of the main differences between Catholics and Christians in this article.


  • 1 Are Christians and Catholics The Same
  • 2 What Similarities are There Between Catholics and Other Christians
  • 3 What Makes Catholics Different From Other Christians
  • 4 Other Core Catholic Beliefs
  • 5 Other Differences
  • 6 Difference Between Catholic Bible Vs Christian Bible
  • 7 Conclusion

Are Christians and Catholics The Same

Not all Christians are Catholics, but all Catholics are Christians. There is over 60% of the Christian population that is following the Catholic faith.

Most followers of other Christian faiths would identify as being Christian. While those that follow the Catholic faith would identify as being Catholic and not Christian.

Most non-Catholic Christians that you may have met in your life, would actually be Protestant. For this reason we will be comparing Catholics to Protestants as the core representative for the other Christian faiths.

What Similarities are There Between Catholics and Other Christians

The differences between Catholics and other Christians is down to their interpretations of the scriptures, rules and laws.

The Catholic Church believes that they alone possess the truth of what Jesus revealed. They do not doubt that other Christian faiths are true followers of Christ. They just believe that they have the correct path to follow.

Both Catholics and Protestants share many of the same beliefs and ideals.

  • They both believe in the existence of Jesus and his second coming.
  • They also agree that Jesus was the son of god in human flesh.
  • They believe that there is only one true god – the father, the son and the holy spirit.
  • They agree that God is rightfully angry with the people for not respecting him, and for mistreating one another.
  • When we die, we are brought back to life to be judged for the way we’ve lived.
  • We face eternity in Heaven or Hell, or even purgatory for our actions.
  • They believe that Jesus came to us to guide us and died for our sins.

What Makes Catholics Different From Other Christians

The core difference comes down to how they believe we are to be accepted by God and welcomed into Heaven, and how to avoid Hell and Purgatory.

The core Christian faiths believe that Jesus died for our sins, and as such we only need to believe in God to be able to gain access to Heaven and to be accepted by him (Romans 4:6).

You must have no doubt about him and must be willing to put your life in his hands, and allow him to guide you.

In other words, its not what you do in life or how you live. Thanks to Adam and Eve’s actions in the Garden of Eden, we are fundamentally flawed and full of sin no matter what we do in life (Romans 3:23-26).

If you follow Jesus and God and trust in them, you are guaranteed a place in Heaven when you die (Luke 23:43)

Catholics on the other hand. Believe what you do in life is just as important as believing in both God and Jesus.

They believe that following the fall from the Garden of Eden. Man still has retained some level of goodness within them.

Your actions in life define if you are worthy of entering Heaven and not just your belief in God and Jesus.

We exercise our own free will and as such we choose whether we live in sin of not through our very actions.

It is our actions that show evidence of our belief and faith in the Lord. By putting the teaching of the Bible into practical use. They believe that we are living by our convictions.

They strongly believe in this main difference thanks to James (2:24)
“You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone”.

Other Core Catholic Beliefs

There are other subtle and not so subtle differences between Catholic beliefs and other Christian faiths.

Catholics believe that the End of Days in the book of revelations is real and not just a metaphorical representation of potential disaster.

Catholics also believe in an appointed spiritual leader.
They believe that the Pope is Gods representative here on earth.
As the leader of the Catholic Church the Pope has authority over the interpretations of the scripture.
Rules that the Pope instills are law and must be adhered by, as if they were the word of God himself.
Even if they contradict the laws of the land.

This difference in interpretation has lead to many Catholics being at odds with the rest of the Christian community as well as many Governments and Civil Groups world wide.

Christians view the Pope as being the head of a Church, but do not acknowledge his authority.
They do not believe hims infallibility or supremacy.
They instead believe that the Bible is the word of God as Jesus has said (Mark 7:1-13)
They do not follow the additional teachings of religious leaders, instead believing that pastors or church leaders can give guidance or advice, nothing more.
When the laws of the land contradict the Bible’s teachings, these laws usually hold sway with them (Romans 13)

Other Differences

The following table shows some of the minor differences between the Catholic and Christian faith.

Difference Between Catholic Bible Vs Christian Bible

Read the article on Catholic Bible vs The Christian Bible.


There are some other minor differences between Catholics and other Christians.

Regardless of our individual faiths, we are all people of faith.

We all believe in and worship the Lord and our savior Jesus Christ.

We may have differences of opinion, but at the end of the day we are all human.

We are all brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and should work together and help support each other where and when we can.

God Bless us all.

If I have missed something, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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