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10 Saints a Catholic Mother Must have at her Corner

10 Saints a Catholic Mother Must have at her Corner

One of my favorite things about being Catholic is our treasury of saints. Countless men and women have gone on before us, struggled with some of the same vices, and gone on to be models of our Catholic faith. They’ve finished their time on Earth, and are now prayer warriors in Heaven.

Think of them as Church Alumni — they’ve been through the battle and now serve on the advisory board!

Who are my go-to saints? Folks that I turn to again and again? Prayer warriors who will understand my trials? Here’s my personal favorites list, along with resources to share them with your family.

Our Lady of Grace

1. Mary

I’ve loved Our Lady long before I was officially Catholic. She goes by many titles, but I tend to picture her as Our Lady of Grace – quiet, serene, and approachable.

She is my model for Catholic marriage and motherhood, even though I’m sure she thinks I’m incorrigable most days.

Get your little ones involved with saying the Rosary while you make this pipe cleaner Rosary craft.

2. St Joseph

Papa Joe is certainly a model for men as fathers and providers for their homes, but I look to him as well for a sense of strength and trust in God’s plan.

He packed up his family and moved to Egypt in the middle of the night, following God’s orders relayed by an angel. Joseph serves as a provider and protector to his family, while staying loyal to God. Quite simply, he put his faith and family first.

Lacy at Catholic Icing has a lovely lily craft for you and your little ones to make before praying St Joseph’s novena in March.

3. St Ann

My grandmothers are especially dear to me, so it’s no surprise that I have a special place in my heart for the grandmother of Our Lord.

St Ann is considered the patron saint of women in labor and Christian mothers. You’ll often see her mentioned with her husband St Joachim.

4. St Anthony of Padua

Poor St Anthony . I ask him for help at least twice a week — you know the ditty.

“Tony, Tony, look around, something’s missing and can’t be found.”

Our dear St Anthony is much more than the finder of lost articles. He was a dynamic speaker and had a gift for explaining the Gospel to even the most uneducated folks.

5. St Patrick

I married a man of Irish heritage, so it only makes sense that St. Patrick is well known in the Kennedy household.

Saint Patrick’s Day is more than just a reason to eat corned beef and cabbage and drink green beer. We celebrate the man who followed God’s plan for his life, and helped bring Christianity to Ireland.

Don’t miss my Saint Patrick’s Day pinboard, filled with ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day crafts and celebrations.

st gianna

6. St Gianna Beretta Molla

I wear many hats – writer, homeschool mother, and I also work outside the home as an emergency room nurse. St. Gianna was a pediatrician and mother, choosing to save the life of her unborn child during a complicated pregnancy. She died shortly after the birth of her fourth child, leaving behind an amazing pro-life legacy.

She is known as the patron saint of the unborn, mothers, physicians, and those suffering from infertility.

7. St. Martha

Do you ever find yourself wanting to grumble while working away in the kitchen?  St. Martha, of course, famously did just that.  While she was doing what a good hospitable woman of her time would do, she didn’t have a servant’s heart at that moment, and that’s where her trouble started.  How often do you find yourself lacking that servant’s heart too?

You can lean on St. Martha and pray for a cheerful servant’s heart and for correct priorities, just as she later dropped everything she was doing to run out and greet Jesus when he arrived after Lazarus had died.  We can ask St. Martha to pray that we can find that same priority to drop everything to greet Jesus.

8. St Michael

As Christians, we’re engaged in spiritual warfare. Satan attacks the family, first and foremost, trying to destroy the domestic church.

St Michael is one of our defenders against the Enemy.

Want a spiritual role model for your boys? Look no further than this warrior for Christ.

St Monica

9. St Monica

Those close to me know that despite how full my life seems, there’s an empty spot, too. My oldest daughter moved in with her father when my twins were small, and it broke my heart.

St Monica knows the pain of a wayward child – she prayed for St Augustine for years before he became one of the greatest saints of our Church.

She’s the patron saint of mothers, wives, abuse victims and alcoholics.

St elizabeth ann seton

10. St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Mother Seton was the first American born saint of our Catholic Church. She was born to an upper crust New York family but lived a simple life. After marrying her husband William, the young couple cared for William’s siblings after William’s father died