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Should We wear the Rosary as a necklace?

Should We wear the Rosary as a necklace?

Rosary- the encyclopedia of human salvation

The church, even till tomorrow, will never cease to receive in tonnes, different views about the rosary. Countless times, i have been challenge on the use of rosary as a necklace. questions like

  • Is it proper to use the rosary as part of our wears.i.e as a necklace
  • If I don’t pray the rosary, am i sinning against God?
  • Pray the rosary and do not wear it!
  • Is there a particular time one can say the rosary?
  • Can non-Catholic say the rosary?

Holistically, we shall be attempting all the questions displayed above or that which may still be in your mind

Is it proper to use the rosary as part of our wears.i.e as a necklace

The rosary is not a fashion and should not be treated as such. It is a religious article, meant for edification of our worship. It is a prayer bead not fashionable bead. However, make sure you go with your rosary anywhere you maybe going. If you must wear it, Pray it. However, i suggest that you can it about as a sacred tools to approach heaven. See it as a tool to approach heaven and then you will respect it by getting a rosary case and put it there. Perfect

If I don’t pray the rosary, am i sinning against God?

If you do not say your rosary, hello Catholics, you have not sinned against God. The rosary is not God that judges our acts. A sin is an act that is against God. God created the rosary through the CHurch. It can never take the place of God.

In as much as we encourage the devotion to Mary by praying the Rosary, the rosary in itself is not God. The Rosary is a reminder to God that Through Angel Gabriel visitation to Maiden in Bethlehem, His SOn came into the World and Died for humanity in order to redeem them from their sin and reconcile them back to God.

Is there a particular time one can say the rosary?

God loves times and season. He Said Everything under the face of the son has time and Season. In the Gospel of Matthew, The Bible said ,” At the hour of three, Peter and John were going to the beautiful temple…..” meaning that there is actually a prayer time. However, No particular is set to pray the rosary.

That being said, God will be glad if you stick to a particular time of worship for him. So, we encourage you to have your own prayer time either for the rosary or other types of prayer. 12 midnight, 3.00’clock night or Noon are very good time to pray.

Can non-Catholic say the rosary?

Anyone can say the rosary so as long you have the interest and you know the wordings. For Non-Catholics, Meet Catholics to teach you the prayer. Better still get a manual on how to say the rosary from any Catholic Booksop or Store.

God Bless You as you pray this beautiful piece from God himself via Angel Gabriel and His Church. Amen

What is the role of Mary?

What is the role of Mary?

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Who is Mary?

Mary was a young Virgin betrothed to Joseph in Bethlehem. But he found her to be with a child. So, he planned sending her away secretly so as to avoid shame and disgrace. An Angel came to him in his dream and warn him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife. That the she child in her womb is through the power of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Plan for Mankind

God designed that man will rise from a woman since Man fell through a woman. That woman is Mary. He said that God will give them a sign if they fail to request for one. he prophesied that a woman will bear a child and the name of the Child shall be God with us, Prince of peace, Wonderful counselor etc.

The plan of God for Mary is to be carrier of his Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ. Jesus needed a earthly Mother if He must come in the form of human and accomplish his mission of redeeming man. In the single acceptance from the Angel about the message of God, God automatically gave the following titles:

  • Mother of Jesus
  • Mother of God – If Jesus is God then Mary becomes Mother of God
  • Blessed Virgin- Her visitation to Elizabeth caused a reaction that continues to the end of the world. The Catena came from the Joyous words of our Mother Mary, “all generation will call me blessed…”. Virgin because God can not share the gate He followed with any man (Glory). Mary was a virgin before Jesus Birth and after his birth and even thereafter.
  • Queen of Angels – Angel Gabriel came and said,” Hail Mary, full of Grace, the LORD is with You…”. After her death, following Apparitions, She has addressed herself as Queen of Angels with Twelve Stars on head,  the Moon on her feet and dressed with the Sun (Rev 12:1-2)

Mary’s Role

Mary’s role is God’s given mission through an Angel. Her role is the bringing forth the saviour of the world, Jesus Christ blameless. He that takes away sin can not come forth with Sin or through a Sinful womb. Mary’s role in the salvation of Man is immense and means not just any woman can perform that but a woman preserved from Sin by God. It was her acceptance that made it real and joyful. Thank God she said, ” your will be done”

Glory to Jesus and Honour to Mary and Joseph