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Again The Virgin Mary Statue in New Mexico “Weeps”

Again The Virgin Mary Statue in New Mexico “Weeps”

A bronze statue of the Virgin Mary in the small parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs, New Mexico made famous for reportedly crying is once again miraculously weeping.

Three months ago, a statue of the Virgin Mary made headlines for crying miraculous tears resembling olive oil and smelling faintly of chrism – with no earthly explanation behind its origin. The statute wept three times and an investigation was launched into the occurrence to determine if it was miraculous in origin.

Devotees say the bronze Our Lady of Guadalupe statue was seen once again shedding tears for a fourth time in the early morning last Saturday. Many gathered to witness the statue crying, and the rosary was prayed in it’s presence.

The Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces was charged with the investigation, with Bishop Oscar Cantú directing diocese personnel to examine the statue and have the tears analyzed. Last week, Bishop Cantú gave an update on the investigation just a few days it wept for the fourth time.

“The statue is made of bronze. As the hollow interior was examined, nothing was found on the interior that could have created liquid. There were cobwebs in the hollow interior.”

According to Cantú, tests done on the tears collected from the statue discovered they are chemically identical to Sacred Chrism.

“The liquid samples collected from the statue were sent to a lab for chemical analysis. Two distinct methods of analysis indicate the same outcome: the liquid is olive oil with a scented mixture, chemically, to the Sacred Chrism.”

Cantú said the first phase of the investigation has ruled out natural causes, finding no evidence to suggest someone planted the tears on the statue. The next phase involves discerning if the cause is supernatural:

“If the cause of the phenomenon is supernatural, we must discern if it is from God or from the devil. I remind you that the Church believes in the existence of fallen angels, who at times try to trick us …. The discernment of whether it is a phenomenon from God or from the evil one is a longer process. The devil can sometimes imitate holy things in order to confuse us. So, we must be prudent and vigilant …. Thus, the investigation is not yet complete so to make a definitive pronouncement.”

Crying Statue of Mary In New Mexico Under Reportedly Investigation

Crying Statue of Mary In New Mexico Under Reportedly Investigation

In the small parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs, New Mexico, the faithful believe that a statue of Our Lady is miraculously “crying”.

The pastor of the parish, Father Jose Segura, says parishioners noticed that the statue appeared to be crying after a Sunday Mass.

A parishioner, Laura Cisneros and her husband went up to the statue and found a puddle of an oil-like substance had formed on the floor below the statue. Another person wiped off the tears and Cisneros said more tears appeared. The substance had a distinctive smell. “When you smell it, it gives a scent of flowers, like it’s an essence that’s so sweet and smells really good. And it reminds us of our Virgin,” Cisneros said.

As a priest, I’ve been a bit incredulous about these types of phenomena. I don’t intend to be sensational, but God silenced me,” Father Jose Segura, said in an interview. “I asked if someone had poured water on her but that wasn’t the case. After Mass, we wiped her tears off and more came out. The statue doesn’t have any openings… We couldn’t understand. It also was emitting a strong scent of roses.”

Hundreds of people have come to the church to witness what they believe to be a miracle, but the Church, as it does in these matters, is taking a measured approach.

Father Segura contacted the Bishop of Las Cruces, Most Rev. Oscar Cantú to report the phenomenon. The bishop recommended an investigation to determine the cause, including laboratory tests of the liquid, interviews of witnesses, and investigating possible natural causes, including fraud.

Deacon Jim Winder, the vice-chancellor of the Diocese of Las Cruces, said “The Catholic Church always approaches these possibly-miraculous phenomena with a bit of healthy scepticism. Faith and reason go hand in hand.”

“The approach our investigators will take is to eliminate all possible human or natural causes of the phenomena,” he continued. “They will gather physical evidence as well as eye witness accounts, and only when every possible explanation is eliminated can a phenomenon such as this be considered as possibly being miraculous.”

Bishop Cantú added, in regards to the investigation “What are the fruits? If it’s from God, it’s going to produce positive fruits of joy, of peace, of healing – perhaps physical healing.”