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What Does Our Guardian Angel Do after We Die?

What Does Our Guardian Angel Do after We Die?

Regarding guardian angels, the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches in number 336 that “from infancy to death, human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession.”

It is clear from this text that we enjoy the protection and vigilance of our guardian angels even at the moment of death. These angels don’t only accompany us in this earthly life; their action extends into the next life.

In order to understand the relationship that continues to exist between angels and human beings during our passing from this life to the next, we must understand that angels have been “sent to serve, for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation” (Hebrews 1:14). Similarly, Saint Basil the Great teaches that no one can deny that “beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life” (CCC 336).

That is to say, the primary mission of guardian angels is the salvation of mankind: that each of us enters the life of union with God. This mission includes the assistance that guardian angels give to souls at the moment when they present themselves before God.

The Fathers of the Church speak of this mission when they say that guardian angels are present with the soul at the moment of death, and protect it from the last attacks of demons.


Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (1568–1591) taught that at the moment when the soul leaves the body, it is accompanied and consoled by its guardian angel so that the soul can present itself confidently before the Judgment Seat of God. The angel, according to this saint, presents the merits of Christ so that the soul can find support in them at the moment of its particular judgment. Once the Divine Judge has pronounced his sentence, if the soul is sent to purgatory, it will be visited frequently by its guardian, who will comfort and console it, bringing the prayers that have been offered for it, and assuring the soul of its future liberation.

In this way, it is understandable that the help and mission of the guardian angel does not end with the death of those the angels protect. This mission continues until the soul reaches union with God.

Nonetheless, we must remember that after death we must face a particular judgment in which the soul in God’s presence may choose between opening itself to God’s love or definitively rejecting his love and forgiveness, thus renouncing joyful communion with him forever (see John Paul II, General Audience, August 4, 1999).

If the soul decides to enter communion with God, it joins its angel in praising the One and Triune God for all eternity.

Nonetheless, if it happens that the soul is “in a condition of being open to God, but still imperfectly, the journey toward full beatitude requires a purification, which the faith of the Church illustrates in the doctrine of ‘purgatory’” (John Paul II, General Audience, August 4, 1999).

In this case, the angel, which is holy and pure and lives in the presence of God, neither needs nor can participate in the purification of its ward’s soul. What the guardian angel can and does do is intercede for its protected soul before the throne of God and seek help among the people on earth so as to bring prayers to its ward, in order that it may thus leave purgatory.

Those souls who decide to reject definitively the love and forgiveness of God, thus renouncing joyful communion with him for all time (John Paul II, General Audience, July 21, 1999), also renounce and reject the joyful friendship with their guardian angel. In this terrible situation, the angel praises God’s divine justice and holiness.

In any of these three possible scenarios (heaven, purgatory or hell) the holy angel will always rejoice at God’s judgment because the angel is perfectly and totally united to the divine will.

During these days, let us remember that we can join the guardian angels of those we love who have died, so the angels may take our prayers to God, and he may show his mercy.

This is What Your Guardian Angel Does in Your Life Everyday

This is What Your Guardian Angel Does in Your Life Everyday

I am surprised by such goodness of God when he created and thought about the reality of the Angels in our midst
“How can the Guardian Angel be far off, when given to us by God to help us? They do not depart from us, though he who is assailed by temptations, think they are far away. “(St. Ambrose)

Learning more about the Angels …

As I have learned in recent times about the angelic reality! I am surprised by such goodness of God when he created and thought of the reality of the Angels in our midst.

There are so many and profound teachings of reality about the Angels that in one article I could not comment on everything, but I believe that in the future other articles will come …

The first reality that I want to awaken to you is: God in His infinite Mercy, and knowing of our constant weakness, He did not want to leave us alone and forsaken, and destined for each of His children when an Angel is born, whom we call Guardian Angel.

This Angel given to us has a mission of paramount importance, which is to take us to Eternity with God. For we know that each of us is born into eternity, but our life and God will say whether it will be an eternity with God, or an eternity without God!

Anyway, beside us is our Guardian Angel.

We run the risk of always associating the image of our Guardian Angel with those pictures in which we usually see painted “cute” angels, “colorful” and “fragile”. What a tremendous mistake we made when we transferred this image to our personal relationship with him , because we somehow believe that our Angel is not so strong and powerful.

On the contrary, our Angel is a mighty Angel, an Angel experienced in the things of God and the mysteries of God. My Guardian Angel and his Guardian Angel saw Satan being cast out of heaven when he rebelled against God, they were “eyewitness” witnesses!

Our Guardian Angel has seen all these things happen and even passed the test of whether or not to choose God! This is very beautiful to be thought of and thoughtful …

But you may be thinking: But my Guardian Angel was not created when I was born ??

The answer is no! All the Angels that would need by God’s will to be created were already created when God created the Angels. It is as if in a single act God created the thousands of Angels that exist to this day. God did not create later in another time and does not create more Angels nowadays!

All of them were created and all were put to the test! And if you and I have a Guardian Angel, it’s because he passed the test.

Angels are classified into classes and hierarchies, and it is as if there were Angels of a “class” that whenever a child of God is born, these Angels are destined to be a Guardian Angel. So it happened to me and to you!

The Word of God says: “In the resurrection, men will not have wives or wives, but husbands; but they shall be as the angels of God in heaven. ” (Mt 22:30)

And the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas on the Angels tells us that we will not only be like the Angels, but will be admitted into an angelic Hierarchy. There will not be a class of souls of humans who now live as angels, no, we will be destined to one of the classes of angelic hierarchies in heaven.

St. John of the Cross teaches us thus: “The Angels are our shepherds, they not only bring our messages to God, but also bring us God’s messages. They feed our souls with soft inspirations and divine communications. God uses them to communicate with us. As good shepherds, they protect us and defend us against the wolves, that is, the demons. ”

Saint Hilary speaks thus: “The Angels help us in our struggle to stand strong against the powers of evil. (…) The pure spirits were sent to the rescue of the human race. Indeed, by our weakness, if the Angels did not come to our rescue, we could not withstand the attacks of the evil spirits. ”

And to conclude, a beautiful phrase that does not want to make us comfortable or inspire us to be lazy, but it can be a way of great help in our spiritual journey, as St. John Vianney teaches us : “If you are unable to pray, lie behind your good Angel and have him pray in his place. ”

I hope that each of us will take up our relationship with our Guardian Angel with determination, because we have much to learn from this pastor and faithful friend!

God bless you!

St. Padre Pio On How to Listen to Your Guardian Angel – A Must Read

St. Padre Pio On How to Listen to Your Guardian Angel – A Must Read

Don’t forget this invisible, ever-present companion, who is always ready to console us

Padre Pio had encounters with angels throughout his life and got to know them very well. He also received interior locutions; he had to discern from whom they came and how he ought to react to them.

In a letter he wrote on July 15, 1913, to Annita, he gives her (and us) invaluable advice regarding how to act in relation to our guardian angel, locutions, and prayer.

Dear daughter of Jesus,

May your heart always be a temple of the Holy Spirit. May Jesus increase the fire of his love in your soul and may he always smile upon you, as he does on all the souls that he loves. May Mary Most Holy smile upon you during all the events of your life, and abundantly make up for the absence of your earthly mother.

May your good guardian angel always watch over you, and be your guide on the rough path of life. May he always keep you in the grace of Jesus and hold you up with his hands so that you may not hurt your foot on a stone. May he protect you under his wings from all the deceits of the world, the devil and the flesh.

Have great devotion, Annita, to this beneficent angel. How consoling it is to know that we have a spirit who, from the womb to the tomb, never leaves us even for an instant, not even when we dare to sin. And this heavenly spirit guides and protects us like a friend, a brother.

But it is very consoling to know that this angel prays unceasingly for us, and offers God all of our good actions, our thoughts, and our desires, if they are pure.

Oh! For goodness’ sake, don’t forget this invisible companion, ever present, ever disposed to listen to us and even more ready to console us. Oh, wonderful intimacy! Oh, blessed companionship! If only we could understand it! Keep him always before your mind’s eye. Remember this angel’s presence often, thank him, pray to him, always keep up a good relationship. Open yourself up to him and confide your suffering to him.Be always afraid of offending the purity of his gaze. Know this, and keep it well present in your mind. He is easily offended, very sensitive. Turn to him in moments of supreme anguish and you will experience his beneficent help.

Never say that you are alone in the battle against your enemies; never say that you have no one to whom you can open your heart and confide. It would be a grave injustice to this heavenly messenger.

Regarding interior locutions, don’t worry; stay calm. What you must avoid is your heart becoming attached to these locutions. Don’t give them too much importance; show that you are indifferent. You should neither scorn nor love or desire such things. Always respond to these voices thus: “Jesus, if it is you who are talking to me, let me see the facts and effects of your words, that is to say, holy virtue in me.”

Humble yourself before the Lord and trust in him; spend your energy, with the help of divine grace, in the practice of the virtues, and then let grace work in you as God desires. The virtues are what sanctify the soul and not supernatural phenomena.

And don’t confuse yourself trying to understand which locutions come from God. If God is their author, one of the principle signs is that as soon as you hear those voices, they fill your soul with fear and confusion, but then, they leave you in a divine peace. On the contrary, when the author of the interior locutions is the enemy, they begin with a false security, followed by agitation and indescribable malaise.

I have absolutely no doubt that God is the author of the locutions, but we must be very cautious because often the enemy mixes in a great deal of his own work with them. But this should not scare you: this is a test to which even the greatest saints and most enlightened souls were subjected, and yet they were acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. You must simply be careful not to believe in these locutions too easily, above all dealing with those that are related to how you must act and what you must do. You should receive them and submit them to the judgment of your director and resign yourself to accept his decision.

Therefore, it is best to receive the locutions with great caution and humble and constant indifference. Act in this way and everything will increase your merit before the Lord. Don’t worry about your soul; Jesus loves you very much. Try to correspond to this love by progressing more and more in holiness before God and men.

Pray out loud as well; the time has not yet come to abandon these prayers. Support the difficulties you experience when doing this with patience and humility. Also be ready to suffer distractions and dryness, and you must not, under any circumstances, abandon prayer and meditation. It is the Lord who wants to treat you this way for your spiritual advantage.

Forgive me if I end here. Only God knows how difficult it has been for me to write this letter. I am very sick. Pray much that the Lord may desire to free me from this body soon.

I bless you, together with the excellent Francesca. May you live and die in the arms of Jesus.

P. Pio

Source: Foros de la Virgen

The Supernatural Story of Saint Padre Pio and His Guardian Angel

The Supernatural Story of Saint Padre Pio and His Guardian Angel

St. Pio of Pietrelcina, affectionately known as Padre Pio, had a very special relationship with his guardian angel throughout his life and is said to have seen him. We pray our guardian angels “ever this day be at our side to light, to guard, to rule, and guide.” Padre Pio absolutely had this prayer at heart every moment of every day. He relied on his guardian angel to help him through many tense times.

He was close to his guardian angel, as we all should be, and he referred to his angel as his “Angelino,” not a name, but a term of endearment, his “little angel.”

There are a few episodes where he specifically talks about his guardian angel. They are worth relating.

The first example relates how, as Padre Pio was being attacked by devils, his guardian angel took too long, at least to him. He is writing to his spiritual advisor of what happened:

“I shall not relate to you, therefore, in what manner they go about beating me, those reprobates. Sometimes I feel that I am close to death. Saturday, I thought they really wanted to put an end to me; I didn’t know any more to which saint I should appeal; I turned to my angel and after making me wait for some while, he finally shows up, flying around me, and singing hymns to the Divine Majesty with his angelic voice. There followed one of those ordinary scenes: I shouted at him harshly for having made me wait so long, since I had not failed to call him to my aid. To punish him, I did not want to look him in the face, I wanted to hold my distance, I wanted to run away and hide from him. But he, poor fellow, approached me, nearly crying. He caught hold of me, so that raising my eyes, I might look into his face and find it wholly grieved.

“And behold,.. “…I am always close to you, my beloved youth,” he says, “I hover about you constantly with that affection which stimulated your gratitude towards the Beloved of your heart. My affection for you shall not extinguish even with your life. I know that your generous heart beats always for our mutual Beloved. You would cross every mountain, every desert to find Him, to see Him again, to embrace Him anew in these extreme moments and to ask Him to break now those chains which hold you bound to the body… that you can suffer no more to be far away from Him, that He take you with Him. To tell him that separated from Him you gather more sorrow than joy. You would like this very gift from Him, but do not grow weary,… for you must wait a bit more. For the present, He can give you nothing like the ray of a star, the perfume of a flower, the sigh of a harp, the caress of a wind. Yet do not cease to constantly ask Him for it, for His supreme pleasure is to have you with Him. And although at present He cannot satisfy your wish, because providence has willed that you be in exile a little longer, He will finally end up satisfying you, at least, in part…”

Poor dear angel! He’s too good. Will he succeed in making me recognize the grave obligation [I have] of gratitude?

(Epistolario I. San Giovanni Rotondo, 1987. Letter 102, p. 311-12).

A second example of Padre Pio’s love for his guardian angel is contained in his correspondence with his spiritual daughter, Raffaelina, and how she should consider her own angel:

“O delightful intimacy, O blessed companionship! Oh, if only all men knew how to understand and appreciate this very great gift that God, in the excess of His love for men, has assigned to us this celestial spirit! Recall frequently his presence: you ought to fix your mind’s eye upon him. Thank him, pray to him. He is so finely mannered, so discreet: respect him. Have continual fear lest you offend the purity of his gaze.

Invoke frequently this (your) Guardian Angel, this benefactor angel. Repeat often the beautiful prayer: “Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom the heavenly Father’s bounty entrusts me here; enlighten me, guard me, guide me now and forever.” How great, my dear Raffaelina, will be the consolation, when, at the hour of death, your soul will see this angel, who is so good, who has accompanied you throughout your life, who was so ample in his maternal care! Oh that this sweet thought may make you, may render you continually more fond of the Cross of Jesus! This is namely what your good angel desires! ? May the desire to see this inseparable companion of your entire life enkindle in you that charity which moves you to desire soon to leave the body.

Oh, what a holy and salutary thought it is to see this our good angel! It is this aspiration, namely, that should make us escape ahead of time from this dark prison in which we are detained. O Raffaelina, where are my thoughts flying to now? How many times, alas, have I made this good angel weep! How many times have I lived without the least fear of offending the purity of his regard! Oh, he is so finely mannered, so discreet. My God, how many times did I respond to the ample, more than maternal care of this good angel without any sign of respect, affection or acknowledgment! It is this thought that presently rather fills me with confusion: alas — hear this and be horrified — such is my blindness that I feel no remorse at this. And what is worse still, I treat this dear little angel, I do not say as a friend, but as a member of my family. And to tell the truth, this dear angel is not the least offended at being treated like this by me. How precious he is, how good!”

(Epistolario II. Corrispondenza con la Nobildonnna Raffaelina Cerase 1914-1915, Letter 64, p. 403).

Another episode where we can see his relationship with his guardian angel is contained in how he talks about what his angel thinks of his spiritual progress:

“I raised a complaint to my dear angel, and he, after having given me quite a little sermon, added: “Give thanks to Jesus that He treats you as one chosen to follow Him closely up the ascent to Calvary. I behold with joy and interior commotion, O soul entrusted to my care by Jesus, how Jesus treats you. Do you think that I would be as happy, if I did not see you so thrashed? I, who in holy charity desire greatly your advantage, delight to see you ever more in such a state. Jesus permits these assaults of the devil, because His (Divine) pity endears you to Himself, and He wants to make you like unto Himself in the anguish of the desert, of the Garden and of the Cross.

Defend yourself, always distance yourself from, and despise the malign insinuations of the devils; and where your strength does not arrive, do not be afflicted, beloved of my heart, for I am near to you.”

What [holy] condescension, dear father! What have I ever done to merit such exquisite affection from my dear angel? In fact, I do not worry myself about this at all; is not our Lord the Master Who can give His graces to whom and however He wishes?”

(Epistolario I. Letter 112, pp.330-31).

See how he speaks of his love and affection for his guardian angel! These examples help us to see how we should treat our angels and the help, love, and grace they give to us each and every day. Truly they are a grace from God!

Spend some time with your guardian angel today!