Saints of the Day for Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Saints of the Day for Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

St. Hippolytus

Image of St. Hippolytus


Feastday: August 13
Patron of Bibbiena, Italy; horses; prison guards; prison officers; prison workers
Birth: 170
Death: 235
Martyr of Rome, with Concordia and other companions, he is a controversial figure who censured Pope St. Callistus I. Hippolytus was slain in Sardinia where he had been exiled for being elected as an antipope, the first in the history of the Church. He was reconciled to the Church before his martyrdom. His writings were important, including A Refutation of All Heresies, Song of Songs, and The Apostolic Tradition.

Bl. William Freeman


Feastday: August 13
Death: 1595

English martyr. Born in East Riding, Yorkshire, he studied at Oxford and was converted to Catholicism in 1586 by the martyrdom of Blessed Edward Stransahm at Tyburn. He went to Reims, France, where he was ordained in 1587. He went back to England the following year, and labored for the English mission in Worcestershire and Warwickshire until arrested in early 1595. Seven months later he was hanged, drawn, and quartered at Warwick on August 13. William was beatified in 1929

St. Cassian of Imola

Image of St. Cassian of Imola


Feastday: August 13
Patron of Imola, Mexico City, schoolteachers, shorthand-writers, parish clerks.
Death: 363

Martyr of Imola, near modern Ravenna, Italy. He was a teacher arrested for being a Christian. His students were invited to hack him to death when he refused to deny Christ. Prudentius recorded Cassian’s grisly martyrdom, noting that the students could not wield mortal blows, thus prolonging the martyr’s agony. His cult is confined to local calendars

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