A Very Powerful Prayer for Financial Freedom

A Very Powerful Prayer for Financial Freedom

A Very Powerful Prayer for Financial Freedom

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you” (Mt 6,33)

Lord Jesus, I come to stand before your presence at this moment and offer you my life with everything that I carry within my heart. My anguish, my sadness, my loneliness and especially Jesus, the concern I bring about my financial life.

I want to ask right away that the Lord will pour Your Blood on me and on the whole reality that surrounds my financial life, and the way it affects my family, my work and the people with whom I relate.

I have had moments of great distress because my financial life is completely disorganized, today I bring many debts and I really do not know what else to do. I have bills to pay, late rent, I owe people, to moneylenders and this is committing my family and all our family harmony.

That is why today, at this moment I beg: Pour all of this Jesus your Blood so that if there is any kind of spiritual problem directly linked to my financial life, be cut off in the power of Your Blood!

His word says, ” Be not afflicted, neither say ye, What shall we eat? What will we drink? What shall we wear? It is the pagans who care about all this. Now, your heavenly Father knows that you need all this. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you in addition. Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will have your own worries. Your care is enough every day. “(Mt 6: 31-34)

That is why Jesus, if to this day I have not lived according to His will, today I want to commit myself to live of awake with His will. If to this day I have sought you only for what the Lord could give me; Today I come to get you because I understood that I need everything in your presence. But I beg you Lord Jesus to free me from all the problems I bring in my financial life. For I believe in His Word, and I believe that the Lord looks at me and also cares about the financial reality that I live today.

I cry out the power of Your name Jesus over all my genealogical tree , over all my ancestors . If in my ancestors there were quarrels over financial matters, robberies or betrayals among our family, and as a consequence words of Curses were thrown, words spoken with hatred, anger, envy; cut it all in the power of Thy name Jesus! Let none of this have any more power over me or my financial life.

If in my ancestors there were situations of people attached to money, situations of murder because of money, ambition, money of the family spent with purchases of illicit things, drugs, prostitution, sex, adultery, lies … That in all this now Jesus, the Your presence should be done and that Cure and Liberation should happen for Your name.

If my ancestors or if I have spent my money on wrong things or to feed sinful situations, today I ask for forgiveness, because I know that the money misused can become a curse for us, so free us.

May your Redeemer Blood also be poured out on me and my ancestors if we seek solutions where the Lord was not: If we seek help in blessings, in occultism, in Macumba, in witchcraft, in flushing, in palmistry, in the search for try to contact the dead; in all this I proclaim Thy power and Thy liberation, Lord Jesus.
If I sought financial help through witchcraft, if I sought out magicians, if I did work against other people, if my house was used for these purposes, my work, my office, I RELEASE to all this now Jesus by the power of Your Name! I renounce all this !!

I ask Your forgiveness if I or my ancestors seek all these things that I know today that they are not to your liking!

I beg your pardon. Jesus doubted that the Lord took care of me and my family! Forgiveness if I offended you with bad words, if I blamed the Lord for this financial difficulty, pardon Lord!

Forgiveness if I cursed my financial life by saying that what I earn is a misery, that I starve, that my salary is a “crap”, that does not give for anything!

Forgive me if I said damn words about my job, about my bosses, if I also cursed them by words, desiring hunger, misery, poverty and pain!
I also want to release my forgiveness to them, if I thought that some day they were unfair to me, when they delayed my salary, or even when they did not pay what was rightfully mine, I now forgive them in their Name Jesus! I release my forgiveness to each one of them!

And from today’s Lord Jesus, I can reap the rewards of delivering all the troubles and debts in my financial life.
May the Lord pour out the Holy Spirit upon me by helping in my natural capacities, so that I may find a way to pay off my debts, for I know that money will not fall from heaven. That is why it empowers my knowledge, the wisdom, the organization and the ability to manage these debts.

I ask you to open the doors to new employment opportunities, that situations of labor and financial processes unfold by the strength of Your Name Jesus.

May the Holy Spirit give me the necessary tranquility and calm in my house, with my relatives, and may the Holy Spirit not allow despair and impatience because of this!

I want to proclaim that from this day on I am a new person, and that my financial life will slowly resolve itself, and that I will seek You with faithfulness of heart!

Everything is delivered in His hands, so I proclaim: I trust and I hope in You Lord!


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