Is the Rosary an Idol Worship?

Is the Rosary an Idol Worship?

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The Rosary

A day before yesterday, i wrote an article about the three most powerful prayer for the Catholic Faithful and many comments were encouraging and some others were a bit of the extreme regarding idol. One of the them personally criticize the praying of the Rosary; questioning the originality and authenticity of it. In fact she called the Rosary an Idol Worship.

The viewers wrote me personally and said, i quote,

The Rosary is nothing nor is it important. It’s a set of beads that are deceiving people and taking them away from God It’s idol worship. Wake up people, before the rapture.

Am using this medium to clarify the arguments that which was started by one of my viewers. We shall be using this medium to answer relating Rosary, Its Originality and Authenticity.

Rosary; An Idol Worship

Rosary does not in any way represents any form of idol worship. The Prayer in itself can never be an idol. If that is the case, then anything in our home that takes our time and seems to help us to meditate or thing of the past is an Idol. Here it includes and not limited to pictures frames of loved ones, articles from friends, gift from loved ones and lots of them.

While rosary help us to meditate on the birth of Jesus, Baptism, Ministerial work, Passion, Crucifixion and death and culminated to His resurrection other objects can and will never help do that.

Origin of the Rosary- The Bible

The rosary prayer was a prayer coined from the words of Angel Gabriel, who visited Mary in Bethlehem and Greeted with the words,

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee……. You Have found Favour with God….. Luke 1: 26 – 38 (Read)

The other parts of the prayer was introduced by the Church to requesting the Mother of God to Pray for US. Starting with the Sign of the Cross down to the Mystery that would be said depending on the day of the prayer, is about Jesus And All that He came to Do and not even about Mary.

Our Lord’s Prayer taught by Jesus Himself is there and coupled with deeep reverence for the Person of God from beginning to end.

Authenticity of the Rosary

God said in a Place ,” Do not worship anything that is represented in Heaven or earth and below the earth” and In another place, He Said again, ” Make for my people a Golden Snake that whoever shall look at it, even when bitten by the Poisonous snake, will live”. God is not author of contradiction.

Rosary is a prayer that even the devil fears. Try it with any difficult situation. Test God and see if God will not manifest through it.

Ask yourself, Can God manifest in anything idolatry? No. He hates it with Passion. Because of the evil days, People have turn the things of God to be Evil and the things of the World (Devilisg) as Good or coming from God.

Watch it that Ye may not be deceived. Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary

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