Is Mary the mother of the world?

Is Mary the mother of the world?

Glory to Jesus; Honour to Mary and Joseph

The question of whether Mary is the Mother of the world should not be mentioned. Mary is a woman everybody should hold with esteem. She begot the Son of God, Jesus. We shall be hinting us on the reasons why mary is the mother of the world.

The following reasons indicate that She merited that honour:

  1. Mary is the mother of Jesus; God Son
  2. When she visited Elizabeth,the mother of John the Baptist, she acclaimed that ” all generation shall call her blessed”
  3. on the foot of the cross, Jesus gave His mother to John the Beloved,”Son behold thy mother and mother behold thy Son”
  4. Mary became Queen of the whole universe following her assumption

Who is God’s mother?

The mother of God must be someone who mother the God’s Son, Jesus. If Jesus is God, then the mother of Jesus is the mother of God. Many argue that Mary is the mother of Jesus but not mother of God. Jesus is both God and Man. She is claimed to have miraculously appeared to believers many times over the centuries. The Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran churches believe that Mary, as mother of Jesus, is the Mother of God (Greek: Θεοτόκος, translit. Theotokos, lit. ‘God-bearer’

Mary visited Elizabeth

Mary visits her relative Elizabeth; they are both pregnant: Mary with Jesus, and Elizabeth with John the Baptist. Mary left Nazareth immediately after the Annunciation and went “into the hill country…into a city of Judah” (Luke 1:39) to attend to her cousin (Luke 1:36) Elizabeth.

As soon as her greetings reaches her hear (Elizabeth), the child in the womb of Elizabeth leaped for Joy. This Prompted Elizabeth to Say:

Who am I that the mother of my Lord should visit me, for as soon as the your greeting reaches my hear, my child rejoice. And Mary replied, ” ……. All Generation shall call me Blessed.”

Jesus Gave his Mother to us

At the foot of the cross, Jesus gave us His Mother when he said:

‘Son, behold thy mother and Mother, behold thy Son.

At this point Mary, mother of Jesus adopted John and the rest of the world as her children and the acceptance by John means that all of us have accepted her too.

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