I Started Praying with Mary and This is What Happened

I Started Praying with Mary and This is What Happened

For a long time I faked having a relationship with Mary. Even after I had a relationship with God, and leadership roles at my parish I just didn’t give it much thought. I didn’t even know how to correctly say the rosary until I did summer missions in college. So many women in my life told me about their incredible devotion to Our Lady and I just didn’t get it. I thought maybe Mary picked favorites. That some people could have a relationship with her and some people just didn’t make the cut. I figured I would just keep praying the same way I always had and if Mary wanted to pick me, she would.  

I did the consecration to Jesus through Mary for the first time my sophomore year of college. Even then, nothing really seemed to click for me. I posted a photo at the end of it that made me look super cool and Marian grace filled but in reality, I didn’t feel like anything had changed. My roommate had an incredible relationship with Mary and that added to the mystery surrounding Our Blessed Mother for me. I wanted the relationship my roommate had, but had no idea how to get there.

After many rosaries, consecrations, and discussions, it ended up just being the Holy Spirit that led me to Mary. Go figure. I was in the chapel after a particularly frustrating few months in my relationship with the Lord. I had tried so many times to give my life to Him. To surrender everything. Yet, I still found myself holding on and I was tired of always being back at the same point. It was in this moment of weakness, frustration, and disappointment that Mary broke through my defenses.

I understood that I couldn’t just give everything to God, I was too weak. But Mary gently took everything I was holding so tightly to and directed me towards Jesus. Her comforting, motherly presence led me to have peace in surrender. Finally, I understood why my friends relied so heavily on their relationship with Mary.

I realized that giving my life to Christ on my own was too much for my little soul and the only way to grow closer to Him was to let Mary, my gentle mother, guide me there. That was when I realized how much I need Mary and the role she plays in my salvation even today, years after her “yes” to the angel.

God can come to us without Mary, He doesn’t need anything extra to encounter and love us. But sometimes, our human hearts need help. That’s where Mary comes in. In John 19:26 Jesus says to John, the beloved disciple, “behold your mother.” In that moment, Jesus was giving all of us a gift- a heavenly mother to watch over us and lead us to Him.

She takes all of our failures and faults and presents them to Jesus like flowers and trophies. She intercedes for us and pleads for the grace we need to move forward in our journey to sainthood. Mary joins the angels in protecting us from the evil one and as the spouse of the Spirit bestows special graces upon even the littlest of her children.

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