How many types of Catholicism are there?

How many types of Catholicism are there?

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Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary and Joseph

What is Catholicism

Catholicism is the practice of the Catholic faith by a Catholic.

According to Hunter Taylor, who says, A Catholic is a Roman Catholic. and i quote him verbatim, ‘

“Well, there are catholics and Catholics. A catholic simply refers to the Orthodox Churches and Roman Catholic Church. A Catholic is a Roman Catholic.

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest of these churches and the largest Christian faith. Yes, southern baptists, we are, and we were the first church, the original Christian faith. Anyways, there are two sort of Catholics, cafeteria Catholics and normal Catholics. cafeteria Catholics are a small number of Catholics that say they’re Catholic, go to mass, but pick and choose parts of Catholicism, of course it is sinful to do so. Normal Catholics follow the teaching of The Church.

There are also “cradle catholics” which are Catholics who are born and raised Catholic and of course, converts (I myself am one.)”

Types of Catholicism

The different types of Catholicism is a detailed answer for a question. In the Catholicism, we have about Six rite and above 20 Catholic Churches that spread all over the world today. Each of this Church has a tradition unique to them. They are self-governing to some extent, but still under the control of the Pontiff, the Vicar of Christ.

There are also traditions and ways of worship that are part of the different religious orders. The different churches can basically be separated into Eastern and Western. Here is the list of the different churches and the divisions and sub-divisions into which they fit.

Western Rites:

Latin Rite

  1. Roman Rite
  2. Ambrosian Rite
  3. Mozarabic Rite
  4. Anglican Rite
  5. Carthusian Rite

Eastern Rites:

Alexandrian Rite

  1. Coptic Church
  2. Eritrean Church
  3. Ethiopic Church

Antiochian Rite

  1. Maronite Church
  2. Syro-Malankar Church
  3. Syriac Church

Armenian Rite

  1. Aremenian Church

Chaldean Rite

  1. Chaldean Church
  2. Syro-Malabar Church

Byzantine Rite

  1. Albanese Church
  2. Belarussian Church
  3. Bulgarian Church
  4. Croatian Church
  5. Greek Church
  6. Greek-Melkite Church
  7. Hungarian Church
  8. Italo-Albanese Church
  9. Macedonian Church
  10. Romanian Church
  11. Russian Church
  12. Ruthenian Church
  13. Slovak
  14. Ukrainian Church
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