Can you receive communion with venial sin?

Can you receive communion with venial sin?

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What Is Venial Sin?

Thus the distinction between the two types of actual sin, venial and mortal. Venial sins are either small sins (say, those little white lies) or sins that normally would be much bigger, but are (as the Baltimore Catechism says) “committed without sufficient reflection or full consent of the will.”

Venial sins add up over time—not in the sense that, say, ten venial sins equals a mortal sin, but because any sin makes it easier for us to commit further sins (including mortal sins) in the future. Sin is habit-forming. Lying to our spouse about a small matter may not seem like a big deal, but a series of such lies, left unconfessed, might be the first step toward a greater sin, such as adultery (which, in its essence, is just a much more serious lie).

Answering your Questions

Venial sins can never become mortal in and of themselves. You can commit a venial sin 1000 times and it will still be a venial sin. What that statement about mortal sins means is that if you let venial sins pile up and don’t try to “nip them in the bud” by going to confession and through prayer, fasting, etc. they can make you weaker spiritually and MAY lead you to commit a mortal sin at some point.

Say for instance you persist in your little lies and you let a very long time go by without confessing them and/or asking God to help you overcome your habit…eventually you may stop caring about them, and then you may start telling lies that ARE mortal sins–ones that may hurt others for instance.

So, yes, if you are sure that your sins are venial, even if you have committed many of them, you can still go to Communion. But you should go to confession soon and confess your habit. The priest may have some advice that will be helpful to you, and you will receive Grace to help you overcome your habit. God bless you.

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