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See The Gold Rosaries Worth Thousands of Dollars We Are Giving Away

See The Gold Rosaries Worth Thousands of Dollars We Are Giving Away

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Why do we need to attend Holy Mass regularly?

Why do we need to attend Holy Mass regularly?

Not every Mass is going to be awesome and deeply moving experience. Lifelong Catholics may have grown so used to the ritual to the extent that they aimlessly go through the motions and find their minds often wander.

So, why do we bother going to Mass?

Here are some reasons why we regularly and actively attend Mass:

So as to Follow the Commandments of God, Jesus, and the Church

The third of the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God says, “Remember holy the Sabbath day and keep it holy.”

Christians observe Sunday as a day of worship and rest so as to honor the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Also the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2042) explains that going to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is the first of the five commandments of the Church.

And disobeying this commandment willingly is seriously sinful.

To Develop and Express Our Committed Faith

Another reason to go to Mass is to form the habit of worshiping and glorifying God. Ordinarily, human beings develop by forming habits, both good and bad habits.

The discipline of worshiping God helps us to grow into being habitual “adorers of God,” even when we do not feel like that. Like any other commitment, our spiritual life includes discipline and restraint.

Participating in the Mass is one of our duty as a baptized Christians, though it is much more than that. Going to mass is an opportunity to actively express our commitment to Jesus Christ and to help fulfill our role in the Church.

To Gather Together in Christian Fellowship

Living a true Christian life is not easy and a supportive community is really important. We cannot just live as Christians by ourselves. Rather, we are called to enter into relationships with others on our Christian journey through this life.

Without our fellow Christians, our faith would be hindered, fade away and die. It is through unity in active celebration together at Mass that we will powerfully experience the joy implied in the saying of Jesus that “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I shall be there with them.”

To Celebrate With Song

Congregational singing has been one of the most powerful ways for the community to pray together. In that case, St. Augustine said that, “He who sings well, prays twice.”

Many people find good liturgical music quite inspiring and it is also an important part of worshipping God in a community of believers. But, be aware that the liturgical music cannot be mistaken as entertainment.

Good liturgical music is selected carefully so as to reinforce the central message of the Word of the Lord during Mass.

To Pray and Worship God with Togetherness

According to one of St. John Vianney quotes about liturgical prayer, “Private prayer is like straw that’s scattered here and there: that when you set it on fire it makes a lot of little flames”.

But “public prayer is like when you gather these straws into a bundle and light them, then you will get a mighty fire, rising like a column into the sky.”

So during mass, we come together to join our prayers of A doration, Contrition,T hanksgiving, and S upplication (the acronym “A.C.T.S.”) with the other members of the community.

To also Receive the Word of God

In mass, during the Liturgy of the Word, we hear the voice of Christ in the scripture readings. As the constitution of Vatican II on the Sacred Liturgy says, “it is God himself who speaks when the Holy Scriptures are read in the Church.”

We also hear the voice of Christ in the homily, when the priest asks to apply these inspired words to our lives.

To Commemorate Christ and Perpetuate His Sacrifice on the Cross

Anytime we gather together at Mass, we remember Jesus Christ. Furthermore, as the bishops said at Vatican II, “ Mass is the liturgy through which, especially in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, where the work of our redemption is accomplished.”

At every Mass, God makes himself present and available to us, with lavish generosity, the saving power of the cross. Also, through the Mass, we offer God our praise, sorrow for our sins, and our deepest thanks for the gift of our redemption.

To Be Filled with Jesus Christ

During the Consecration, the bread and wine, through the power of the Holy Spirit, become the Body and Blood of Christ. Therefore, when we receive Holy Communion, we receive Jesus Himself. He said plainly said this: “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him.”

As we know that without physical food we will die physically. In the same vein, without spiritual food we will also die spiritually. By receiving the Holy Communion we as well receive the graces needed to become more like Christ.

St. Augustine expressed himself in one of her quotes, when he said about Eucharist, “Believe what you receive. Receive what you believe. And become what you receive.” This is really why we are called to receive Holy Communion regularly and frequently.

Vatican II placed an emphasis that the Mass is the “summit” where all our activities point to and it is the “source” from which our blessings flow.

The Mass is the means by which our Lord give Himself to us in His Word and in His Real Presence. Therefore, going to Mass frequently allows us to meet Christ within His community and to be with others whose faith makes a difference.



ALL the children of Israel went forth from the land of Egypt, but not all went forth heartily, and so, when wandering in the desert, some of them sighed after the leeks and onions, the fleshpots of Egypt. Even so, there are penitents who forsake sin, yet without forsaking their sinful affections; that is to say, they intend to sin no more, but it goes sorely against them to abstain from the pleasures of sin, they formally renounce and forsake sinful acts, but they turn back many a fond lingering look to what they have left, like Lot’s wife as she fled from Sodom.

They are like a sick man who abstains from eating melon when the doctor says it would kill him, but who all the while longs for it, talks about it, bargains when he may have it, would at least like just to sniff the perfume, and thinks those who are free to eat of it very fortunate. And so these weak, cowardly penitents abstain awhile from sin, but reluctantly, They would fain be able to sin, without incurring damnation, they talk with a lingering taste of their sinful deeds, and envy those who are yet indulging in the like Such a man who has meditated some revenge gives it up in confession, but soon after he is to be found talking about the quarrel, averring that for the fear of God he would do this or that; complaining that it is hard to keep the Divine rule of forgiveness; would to God it were lawful to avenge one’s self!

Who can fail to see that even if this poor man is not actually committing sin, he is altogether bound with the affections thereof, and although he may have come out of Egypt, he yet hungers after it, and longs for the leeks and onions he was to feed upon there, It is the same with the woman who, though she has given up her life of sin, yet takes delight in being sought after and admired. Alas! Of a truth, all such are in great peril. Be sure, my daughter, that if you seek to lead a devout life, you must not merely forsake sin, But you must further cleanse your heart from all affections pertaining to sin; for, to say nothing of the danger of a relapse, these wretched affections will perpetually enfeeble your mind, and clog it, so that you will be unable to be diligent, ready and frequent in good works, wherein nevertheless lies the very essence of all true devotion.

Souls which, in spite of having forsaken sin, yet retain such liking and longings, remind us of those persons who, without being actually ill, are pale and sickly, languid in all they do, eating without appetite, sleeping without refreshment, laughing without mirth, dragging themselves about rather than walking briskly. Such souls as I have described lose all the grace of their good deeds, which are probably few and feeble, through their spiritual languor.

How does Jesus Resurrection benefit us?

How does Jesus Resurrection benefit us?

Resurrection confirms our faith and hope so that we shall rise again,
As the Apostles Creed confirms it.
We shall rise once more from death.
Not just the last death, but the several deaths that comes before it:
To start again with new hope. “A rose is not worth possessing unless it has thorns.” Also, “The root of all knowledge is pain.”

However, little deaths and pain, forces one to choices and change. Cause, our journey to the Lord starts with suffering.

With the path He showed us by His suffering love. Our destiny, one’s wants, can change over a lifetime.
The cross one caresses on his deathbed is no longer abstract;
Eons resurrect memories of a living savior, a triumphant king
Stretching out His arms, embracing suffering, forgiving man,
And desiring only to unite man to the Father.

The paradox of the Cross gives happiness without end.
As surely as spring follows winter so too will
Life and death brings forth resurrection for men which is the blooming rose of new eternal life.