Are Catholic nuns allowed to conduct Mass/Service in the Church?

Are Catholic nuns allowed to conduct Mass/Service in the Church?

Catholic Nuns are not allowed to conduct or celebrate Mass in the Church because they are not Priest. By Priest we mean, their very nature, represent “in Persona Christe”, in the person of Christ”, and therefore MUST be a male. Nuns are not male, therefore cannot be priests, therefore cannot offer Mass.

Service in the Catholic Church are not mass because the consecration words are not said and such can not be regarded as MASS.

“This Catholic Nun or Monk may celebrate  Service or otherwise called Communion Service since any lay faithful can do that.”

Lets theologies this or rather,we want to offer some reasons WHY Lay Sisters (Nun) or Brothers (Monks) can not or will not celebrate Mass are as follows:

  1. Nuns are considered Brides of Christ, which is a stupendous dignity. These women, whether contemplatives or in active ministry, serve the people of God and do great works through the particular charism of their Order.A nun who feels she should have the “right” to offer Mass is like an adulteress to Christ, and is offering the same defiance and pride of Eve. Unfortunately, it seems to be a disease that is spreading among many nuns.
  2. Nuns (and monks) are not ordained clergy, but people who have taken spiritual vows (usually involving things like celibacy, poverty, regular participation in communal prayer and taking Communion, etc.). Only an ordained priest or bishop may celebrate the Mass
  3. Additionally, while some monks may also be ordained as a priest, Roman Catholic nuns cannot be. According to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the Church “has no authority” to ordain women.
  4. Nuns are not allowed to conduct Holy Mass because they are not anointed as a priest in the Catholic Church. Nuns (Lay Sisters) are not ordained to this ministry in the Catholic or the Orthodox churches. They, like Lay Brothers and most monks, are not priests (Fathers) and the doctrine of the church permits only males to receive Holy Orders (ordination).
  5. The whole formation process of a nun (or the male equivalent, a monk) and of a priest are of a different nature. A priest learns the theological background of the sacrifice of the mass, and the biblical chronology of the readings contained in it. This is not to say a priest is any more virtuous, but the mass is not just a play of sorts where one learns lines, but is a miraculous consecration and transubstantiation of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.
  6. Because Mass requires the consecration of the Holy Eucharist and only an ordained priest has the authority to do that. Even an ordained Deacon does not have the required authority so certainly no non-ordained person such as a lay person or a non-ordained member of a religious order like a brother or nun has the authority to preside over a Mass

Though we can’t say we have dealt with the arguments whether Nuns and Monks as the case maybe will be able to celebrate Mass. The Answer for the NOW in the church is NO

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