A Cry For Help: Save The Life of Little Chibuike Ebere Joseph

A Cry For Help: Save The Life of Little Chibuike Ebere Joseph

Tears filled my eyes the first time I saw the video of Chibuike Ebere, I have a two year old son and I wondered how I would feel if he were my son. In his eyes I saw my little boy and I could not help but cry. I spoke with his father on the phone and what his father said to me pirced my heart like an arrow to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary.

In his father’s own words “you may not know what it is like coming home everyday with your only son crying and there is nothing you can do to help him”.

This is Master Chibuike Ebere, the only son of Bro. & Sis. Joseph Ebere. He is 5 years old but can’t sit, walk, talk or even hold his neck due to a neuro-celebral illment that has confined him to the bed.

In the five years of this challenge from 2014, the family have spent over 1 million naira in diagnoses and treatment moving from one Medical Institute to another (Benue State University Teaching Hospital to Federal Medical Center to MEMFY Hospital to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu State, Nigeria).

Despite these challenges, the father Bro. Joseph Ebere still held to his faith serving God through the Catholic Charistmatic Renewal of Nigeria (CCRN) in various capacities : He is currently an active member of the National Praise and Worship Ministry, treasurer, Abuja provincial praise and worship CCRN. Immediate pass Co-ordinator, Makurdi Diocesan Praise and Worship ministry CCRN. etc. His service and loyalty to the church and renewal is unquestionable.

Diagnoses from these medical institutions shows that the amount needed for further surgery and treatment is Five million Naira (approximately $14,000 USD).  The family is already in debt from the years of medical treatment which have forced the treatment to discontinue.

According to his father they cannot afford medical treatment anymore and his child is home at the moment but they hope to go back to the hospital (University Teaching Hospital Enugu) after the Easter celebration depending on availability of funds.

Friends in Christ, this have prompted our outcry to help give Master Chibueike Ebere a chance to live by contributing generously towards proper medical treatment.

Your donation will be highly appreciated. Please click the link below to donate and save a life today.

Use the green donate button below if you are in Nigeria and want to donate in local currency.

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