11 ways you can Love Mary and Jesus

11 ways you can Love Mary and Jesus

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Mary loving and caring for children. She needs Love also.

Glory to Jesus; Honour to Mary and Joseph

Who do you Show Love to?

Naturally, we show our love to our friends, Mother here on earth and Fathers and Siblings. Our relations is loved also. To love is to cherish with all your heart. Jesus Love us and Give us his body to eat. When we love others, we give ourselves to them.

The greatest love should be giving to Our Mother Mary and Her Son Jesus. How do you express love to them? You don’t see them physically as we do humans. Little wonder, the Bible says, ” How you love God whom you don’t see and you don’t love the humans you see”

Know Today that there are so many ways we can express love to Jesus and Mary. Remember, love makes us to go close to those we love and want to be with there.

The 11 Ways to Love Mary and Jesus

  • Talk to themDiscuss with them daily as you do to your friends here
  • Start Your Day With Jesus and MaryHey, very important. Don’t forget to do that. As you wake, woke them up.
  • Love Her and Her Son
  • Walk With Her and Jesus daily– Follow the ways of Jesus and his Mother and You can’t be lost
  • Imitate Mary and Ask Jesus to Help
  • Trust and Entrust to Mary and Jesus everything
  • Tell Jesus and Mary of Your Sorrows and Failures i have found this to be consoling. telling them every minutes of your life how you feel. Wow. its Nourishing
  • Call Upon Mary When Tempted
  • Promote the Love for Mary as Mother.
  • Preach Jesus through Mary
  • Die in the Arms of Mary

Therefore, let us rejoice with the keen awareness that we all have a heavenly Mother, Mary the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church, and our dear Mother. She knows us, cares for us, protects us, but especially, she loves us! Indeed, in the midst of the trials, struggles, intense battles of life let us find our refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

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